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The SFCC brings together the news organisations that inform global audiences about developments on the Korean peninsula, North and South. It is a hub for their coverage and seeks to defend media rights in their collective interest. | 서울외신기자클럽(SFCC; The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club)은 전 세계 시청자, 청취자 및 독자들에게 한반도 전역에서 발생하는 일에 관한 뉴스를 만들어 전파하는 외신 언론사들의 단체입니다. SFCC는 외신 언론 취재의 허브역할을 하고 있으며, 공동의 이익에 부합하기 위해 언론 권리를 수호하고자 노력합니다.

Non-SFCC Events_May 4

1. [참여연대/people's solidarity for participatory democracy] [토론회] 코로나19, 우리나라 소득보장정책의 현실과 전망 / Discussion: COVID-19, income security policy of Korea [...]

2020-05-04|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_April 27

1. [한국과학기자협회/Korea Science Journalists Association] 감염병 보도준칙 제정 기념 행사 / Establishment of epidemic reporting guidelines   일시/ Date: 2020.4.28(화/Tue) [...]

2020-04-27|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_April 20

1. [외교부/Ministry of Foreign Affairs] 한-중남미 코로나19 대응 웹 세미나 / Medical Korea 2020 Web Seminar – Infectious Disease Control [...]

2020-04-20|Non-SFCC 행사|

April 6_취재: 4.15 총선

-   더불어 민주당 / Democratic Party 공보국 / Public Affairs 02-788-2278 -   더불어 시민당 / Platform Party 김가현 대변인 [...]

2020-04-06|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_March 30

1. [관훈클럽/kwanhunclub] 관훈토론회 / kwanhunclub panel discussion   행사/ Event: 2020.3.31(화/Tue) 10:00 a.m.~               [...]

2020-03-30|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_March 23

1. [관훈클럽/kwanhunclub] 관훈토론회 / kwanhunclub panel discussion   행사/ Event: ①2020.3.25(수/Wed) 10:00 a.m.~                   / 황교안 미래통합당 대표 / Hwang [...]

2020-03-23|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_March 16

1. [관훈클럽/kwanhunclub] 관훈토론회 / kwanhunclub panel discussion   행사/ Event: ①2020.3.18(수/Wed) 10:00 a.m.~                   / 심상정 정의당 대표 / Sim [...]

2020-03-16|Non-SFCC 행사|

Non-SFCC Events_March 9

1. [외신지원센터 / FPC Korea] 코로나바이러스감염증-19 정부 합동 외신 브리핑 / Joint-briefing by Korean Ministries on COVID-19 ONLY for FOREIGN [...]

2020-03-09|Non-SFCC 행사|

March 2_취재: COVID-19

Coverage: COVID-19 / 취재: COVID-19   질병관리본부 & 보건복지부 / Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & Ministry of [...]

2020-03-02|Non-SFCC 행사|