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The SFCC brings together the news organisations that inform global audiences about developments on the Korean peninsula, North and South. It is a hub for their coverage and seeks to defend media rights in their collective interest. | 서울외신기자클럽(SFCC; The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club)은 전 세계 시청자, 청취자 및 독자들에게 한반도 전역에서 발생하는 일에 관한 뉴스를 만들어 전파하는 외신 언론사들의 단체입니다. SFCC는 외신 언론 취재의 허브역할을 하고 있으며, 공동의 이익에 부합하기 위해 언론 권리를 수호하고자 노력합니다.



Pool to Mt.Kumkang

Dear Members Hyundai Asan invites one text journalist as a pool for the tour to Mt. Kumgang scheduled to mid [...]


Registration to MOFAT

Dear members, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced that there will be no press card issued by the ministry [...]


Inter Korea military talk

Dear members, The high-profile military talk between South and North will be held on Wednesday, May 26. For those who [...]


The Memorial day

For those who wish to cover the event of the Memorial day, please contact SFCC no later than May 18. [...]


Pacific Reach 2004

취재신청 - 서태평양 잠수함 탈출 및 구조훈련 (Pacific Reach 2004) ROK Navy will hold "Pacific Reach 2004" from MAY 3 [...]

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