• SFCC Lounge & Press club Lounge discount
    – Members can get discount at SFCC Lounge(18F) and Press Club Lounge(19F) year-round.
    –  SFCC Lounge 15% 
    –  Press Club Lounge 15% for Lunch Time / 20% for Dinner Time
    –  Wine take-out 20%  – Free drinks or coffee when the SFCC members purchase the wine with SFCC coupons
        (Beverages and Coffee are only for here.)

  • Coupon
    – The Club provides 15,000 KRW worth of vouchers to the correspondent members every month.
    – You can use them at the SFCC events (e.g. Coffee Briefing, Happy Hour and so on).
    – You also can use coupons in SFCC Lounge (18F) and Korea Press Club (19F).

  • Severance Checkup discount
    – Eligibility for Benefits: Member, Spouse, Immediate family and their spouses
    – Available discount: 20%~30%
    – Reservation : 1588-7757

    ◈ Basic Checkup cost




    For foreigners

    747,500 won

    805,000 won

    For local residents

    650,000 won

    700,000 won

    After MOU

    520,000 won

    560,000 won

  • Hotel Corporate.

     – Gwanghwamun: Westin Josun, Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun, Somerset Palace Seoul

     – Yeouido: Kensington Hotel Yeouido

     – Busan Haeundae: Westin Josun, Grand Josun Busan, H Stay Hotel (formerly Citadin)

     *Notes on Booking

    – Each hotel has a slightly different signing period, so please refer to the attached table.

    – Unless otherwise indicated, most of the amount includes tax/service charges, etc.

    – After the covid-19 pandemic, hotel rates fluctuated even more. Depending on the time of booking, the amount offered on the Internet booking site may be cheaper than the Corporate Rate.

    – Room reservations should be made by phone and email from each hotel reservation department as indicated in the attached file. In order to receive this corporate rate benefit, you must declare yourself a member of the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club (SFCC) when making a reservation. SFCC provided membership lists to each hotel.

    – Notwithstanding the Corporate Rate Agreement between the SFCC and each hotel, each member agency still reserves the right to enter into a Corporate Rate Agreement with the hotel or other hotels as required by the member company.

    – The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club does not provide financial guarantees for reservations made by each member company.

    –  Check out the bulletin board for more information.