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Message from President Moon, Jae-in to ‘2020 SFCC Press Award’

2020-12-07 14:49


Congratulatory Message

for 2020 SFCC Press Award


December 3, 2020


The year 2020 has been unusually hard on everyone. I believe that all of you have carried on despite endlessly pining for your home countries and keeping away from the relatives and friends you long to see. I understand that the scale of this year-end event has been significantly reduced compared to previous years given the COVID-19 situation. I would like to offer my encouragement to SFCC President Akiko Horiyama and other members who have prepared for this event despite the unfavorable conditions.


To date, the SFCC has played a remarkable role as a bridge connecting the Republic of Korea with the world. Notably, SFCC members’ vivid coverage and active reporting this year have significantly contributed to Korea’s response to COVID-19 being lauded by the international community. I am grateful to you all for having accurately reported on the Republic of Korea as a country resilient to crisis in the year 2020.


I hope that you will continue to stand together with the Republic of Korea with objective points of view, international mindsets and caring perspectives. Korea will surmount the COVID-19 pandemic and take a new leap forward in the New Year of the White Cow. I ask for your interest in and support for the Republic of Korea taking on this bold challenge to simultaneously succeed in epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery.


I wish all the members of the SFCC and your families happiness and wellbeing.



                                                                                                                                       Moon Jae-in


           Republic of Korea


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