Vietnam News Agency


  • Address : No. 5 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

  • Telephone number : 024-3825-2931

  • Telephone number : 024-3825-2984


The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) is a government agency with the function as the state news agency that publishes, broadcasts official information and documents of the Party and State; provides information in service of the Party’s leadership and the State’s management; and collects and provides news through various forms of press and multimedia for media agencies, the public and readers at home and abroad.
The VNA operates under the consortium model with 15 news units for domestic and foreign service (consisting of five editorial departments, two source news centres and eight editorial offices), along with five news support centres, a publishing house, two printing companies, the VNA representative office in the south, the VNA representative office in the Central – Central Highlands region; and functional units to support the VNA Director General.
With representative offices in all 63 cities and provinces nationwide and 30 overseas bureaus across the five continents, the VNA has a strong contingent of reporters working across the country and in most of the key areas around the world. This is a unique advantage that no other press agency in Vietnam has.
With more than 60 media products made by more than 1,000 reporters and editors out of the over-2,300-strong staff, the VNA is the press agency with the largest number of information products and forms in the country, from source news in the forms of text, photo, television, infographics and audio to publications such as dailies, weeklies, magazines, pictorials, books, e-newspapers, websites, online and print newspapers, and information on mobile platforms and social networks, among others.
As the key national press agency for external affairs, the VNA provides domestic and foreign media outlets with news in Vietnamese, Chinese, English, French and Spanish. It also has print newspapers and e-newspapers in 10 languages: Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English, French and Spanish.

Seoul Bureau

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  •  Bureau chief : Pham Manh Hung

  • Correspondent / Journalist : 2 Correspondent